Live cricket streaming: Best 10 sites to watch cricket free

Sydney - Thursday, 29.July 2021 - When the Australian right handed opener Charles Bannerman took strike to face the first ever delivery in test cricket against the Poms' back in the summer of 1877, little would he have imagined the sport to be the way it is today. With an estimated 2.5 billion fans living cricket day in and day out, cricket is second only to association football in terms of popularity.

The rich history of the sport, iconic matches, fantastic talents and the associated euphoria of the sport has ensured cricket continues to gain in popularity. With that live cricket streaming links are very popular but good ones are hard to find.

We selected for you the best 10 live cricket streaming sites.

The three different formats of the sport (Test Cricket, One-day cricket and T20 cricket) and packed schedules mooted by the International Cricket Council(ICC) has meant that we never really run out of cricketing fodder at any time of the year. The recent surge in popularity of T20 cricket has wooed new fans to the cricketing fold. The short bursts of excitement, twists and turns make this format a favourite for the masses. Social media and the telecast industry has intelligently used the rise in popularity of cricket to dish out fans their favourite matches across various platforms.

Gone are the days when you had to wait to watch your favourite cricketing action due to location constraints. Those were times when you could only watch matches through recorded highlights much later than the rest of the world. But in the world that we live in today, watching live cricket streaming online is the rage. The availability of fast internet speeds and internet penetration in remote areas with no TV connection has spread the cricket fever. Live cricket streaming on million mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs across the globe is a common sight. The rise of IPTV (Internet protocol television) has given rise to applications across iOS, Android and Windows running a live cricket stream. While you watch live cricket online, the constant ball-by-commentary, statistics, highlights and databases of players are bundled together for your consumption. As you watch your favourite team lock horns with an arch-rival, this bundle ensures you get an all-round perspective of the match at hand.

Whether you are sunbathing in Ibiza, downing coffee at a café in Paris or travelling to work, school or college; you can catch up with all the cricketing action through eye-pleasing websites and the various mobile applications on offer.

Best 10 Live Cricket Streaming Sites

We have catalogued the top ten websites across the internet which host live cricket streaming services for free as well as the others which require some payment for accessing them. Either ways, options are plenty for all cricket fans out there looking to feast themselves on the best cricketing diet available.

The champion streamer of streamers!

This website is a household name across planet Earth to catch all the cricketing action. The various streaming avenues on this website differ depending on where you are located. This website streams all forms of cricket under the jurisdiction of the International Cricket Council (ICC), the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the England Cricket Board (ECB), Cricket Australia (CA) and also domestic tournaments. These streams are all relayed in English. The Indian subcontinent is a massive consumer of the cricket streaming services of the STAR(Satellite Television Asian Region) Sports network. The Indian Premier League and its unprecedented rise in popularity has meant the number of viewers has snowballed. The eye-pleasing graphics, live scorecards, text commentary, wagon wheels all combine to give the cricket fan an amazing experience watching their favourite players parading their skills. The comprehensive highlights package of each match and the option to replay the entire game anytime gives the user an added layer of convenience. With the hectic lifestyles that we are dealing with, it becomes a challenge to stay in tune with matches real-time. The comprehensive highlights package and neatly manicured video clips of each match come as a shot-in-the-arm for individuals hard-pressed for time. Also, the easy interface allows the user to flip between sections. The fixtures of upcoming matches, a player's or a teams' performance in a certain match can easily be pulled up from the archives and well-defined categories. Amidst the mountain of information and data on offer, this website ensures that it never compromises on the quality of its streaming facility. The once dreamt of prospect of live cricket streaming in HD (High-definition) on one's mobile or tablet is a reality today. Star Sports offers you superb video quality through its live cricket streaming service. The quality you receive ultimately depends on the internet speeds you are using which can vary from place to place. A good Wi-Fi connection ensures HD quality cricket videos regaling you all the time. One can also watch it in either English or Hindi depending on preferences. Test cricket, ODI cricket or T20 cricket; Star Sports is easily among the best live cricket streaming websites on the internet today. This Fox Sports' owned entity also has a mobile application called Hotstar available free only in India and Nepal as of now. This application is available on iOS, Android and Windows as a free downloadable application streaming HD quality cricketing action in addition to the others. With over 25 million downloads, this application has been trending since its launch in 2015. The option to download the live matches and watch them later for 2G internet speeds increases its acceptability even more. The ICC World Cup (ODIs), the ICC World Cup(T20s), Bilateral tournaments, Tri-nation tournaments, Asia Cups, CB Series, the Ashes, the Frank Worrell trophy etc can be watched through this website and its superb live cricket streaming links. This website offers a completely free streaming service as of now. When you open the home page of this website, the comfortable design and layout of all the content puts you at ease straightaway. The entire web page has chunks of news displaying all the scores and real-time updates of ongoing matches. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts from eminent players every now and then allow users to be in sync with their favourite sporting icons and their activities. The pre-match shows, various video round-ups of all the bygone cricketing action and upcoming matches, interviews and statistical snapshots keep the users hooked onto the website 24/7. Surely, this website is the medium of choice for most users in this part of the world when it comes to watching live free cricket online.

Feel at home with the home of sport !

This website is one of the most widely preferred broadcasters of choice for cricket fans across the globe. Their cricketing history goes as far back as 1990 when they became the first ever broadcaster to telecast an overseas tour when England toured the West Indies. Since then, the website has grown in stature as it acquired the rights for coverage of all international matches from the BCCI. All major test playing nations like England, Australia, India, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh and their home and away tours have been covered extensively over the years. Also, major ICC tournaments like the World Cups (both T20 and ODIs) and the Champions Trophy have been telecasted by this venerable broadcasting company from the United Kingdom. Using this website's streaming services isn't free. You need a Sky ID to access their IPTV services. The holistic and all-round look at all sports and cricket, in particular, gives it an edge over rival broadcasters in terms of quality and breadth of coverage. The cosy blue background of the website and well-placed news chunks across the entire page capture one's attention immediately. The sight of a sweaty and exuberant Carlos Brathwaite winning the World Cup for the West Indies, a crest-fallen Lance Klusener realizing that they had fallen just one run behind a World Cup final entry or an Andrew Flintoff baring his torso after a triumphant victory; the range of emotions, images and videos is absolutely stunning on a page. It is a superbly constructed home page like this which draws users and fans to it. Short clips consisting of post-match presentations, candid interviews and pre-match shows and discussions about various aspects of the game give this website a complete look. It truly is worth every penny for the quality one receives in return.

Life is surely cricket out and out !

This giant media conglomerate owned by ZEE boasts of a massive amount of broadcasting establishments across the world. The business divisions of this media entity differ from one country to the other. This website caters to the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and the Arab World. Its Canadian (BELL Fibe TV which is a paid service) and Singaporean (SingTel TV is also a paid service) arms began operations a couple of years ago. One look on the website and you get a very refreshing vibe as you go around the home page dabbling with links here and there. There is an option of free live cricket streaming on the website. You must have an account on the website to access the streaming service. The quality of the live cricket stream has been consistently superb on most occasions. Barring the local variations in internet speeds, the stream works delightfully well and is a treat for the cricket lover. The content strategy of the website keeps the cricket enthusiast hooked onto it for the amazing variety and news selection. Short and crisp news items coupled with infographics make sure one has a pleasant time watching the game up, close and personal. The statistics go well with the live cricket streaming service you are availing of. A well-researched directory of videos keeps the user busy on non-match days. Fox Sports Asia is easily one of the top paid live cricket streaming services available on the World Wide Web.


Breathe the tales of willow and leather with ESPN!

It's all about Association football and Major League Baseball if you are in America. With a strong fan base in these two sports, it is quite rare to find a person talking about a bat and a ball. The bases are still covered though. If you are limbering up in some part of the United States yearning for some fresh cricketing action, tune into the live cricket streaming services of SONY ESPN and SONY SIX. These channels cater exclusively to American residents wanting to catch up with cricket from anywhere across the world. The beautifully done website, scorecards, live news snapshots and engaging content from the world of cricket keeps you coming back here for more. The rich repertoire of writers on the ESPN website gives you a sneak-peek into the very best literature of this sport. Eminent cricketerers speaking their mind on different facets of the game is an added feature aside from the usual live cricket streaming experience. The data analysis , number crunching and profile mining to know exactly what a player can do with his cricket skills keeps the user interaction at high levels even on non-match days. Quizzes, polls and surveys keep you in the loop with the latest happening in the game. The superb picture quality ensures top-class viewing experience provided you have a reliable Internet powering you always. A 360 degree look at the game is what cricket fans keep searching for and ESPN ticks all boxes in terms of meeting a cricket lover's needs. The advertisements are not the annoying kinds and occupy a place which is in complete harmony with the rest of the content. That shows a good back-end team working to smoothen out any rough edges and to enhance user experience.

Hosting the world of champions since the beginning of time!

This Multichoice-owned website was once the world's biggest broadcaster of Rugby and cricket before being eclipsed by another media giant Sky Sports. The founder of Koos Bekker conceived the idea of this streaming service during his MBA stint at Columbia University . He had witnessed a meteoric rise in the magnitude of consumers opting for paid television. He was convinced that back in his home country, South Africa, the idea would be a runaway hit. Together with Naspers, Supersport was born. The rest as they say is history. As of now, this channel streams free cricket online only for South Africa and a few other African countries. Powered by DStv (Digital Satellite television) it also streams a host of other content from various sports. A huge repository of sporting content on its website has garnered a pride of place among other broadcasters that function across the world. The languages used in the streams are English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Portuguese and Zulu. A look at the Supersport website leaves one feeling nice and light. It isn't graphic heavy but just a tiny splash of finesse with each sport nicely tucked away. The simplicity of the website stands out bold quite frankly! Some websites, due to the glut of content on offer end up looking unsightly trying to get everything in sync. looks a different entity altogether and is like a fresh breath of air ! And yes none of those messy ads, pop-ups or getting-on-your-nerves notifications when you are here. So yeah, this one truly is up there with the best in terms of both quality and quantity. It streams every singles ICC event possibly happening, the ICC Twenty World cup, the ICC ODI cricket World Cup and test cricket et al.

Greeting the cricketing future with finesse!

This website made big news around the time the ICC cricket world cup took place in 2015. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) decided to go down the road less taken. It released a ?Smart TV app? just before the cricketing extravaganza took off. What was special about this streaming service was that it was free of all ads or popups. It was a first of its kind in the whole of Pakistan. The initiative was hailed and welcomed with enormous fanfare as advert-free streams were seen on mobile phones and laptops. One no longer needed to close or swipe away yet another ad as the SG ball hung in mid-air with the watchers having a lump in their throat. That feeling! Trust me that is not a good feeling at all! A slew of handy features has made PTCL a service of choice for all Pakistan cricket fans' cricket streaming needs. The impeccable TVoD (TV on demand) feature allows users the ease of watching matches they missed by being able to rewind TV stream upto 7 days back in time. Other users running differing 3G networks too can tune into the live cricket stream and enjoy flawless playback. The picture quality has been pretty decent and getting hold of a good internet service provider could make life a lot easier while streaming your favourite encounters. When a Mohammed Aamir runs in to bowl a searing toe-crusher and just then the telecast blurs, there are few things more annoying than that in the world that we live in today! With a single subscription, one can access the cable TV stream and the mobile applications of Smart TV which is available both on iOS and Android. With over 150 channels in their kitty, PTCL's app promises to be much more than just a paid cricket streaming service. The moderately priced plans make it a win-win for the users. Another exciting new feature that is PTCL's claim to fame is the multi-screen environment capability. So the user can flip between the various streams, Bollywood and Hollywood movies, documentaries, dramas and more with the pause and resume feature allowing you to laze around with multi-hued content. Just the sort of thing one would want when sitting back and relaxing!

Alive and kicking!

A no-frills website for your streaming needs, is fast gaining in popularity in the legion of sports and cricket fans worldwide. This website is absolutely free and all you need to do to avail their services will be to register on this website and create an account. While football tournaments and events like the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera Division and Italian Serie A occupy a major chunk of the website home page, other sports too find mention when it comes to live streaming. Cricket streaming links, for example, have been recently added to cater to the fans of this sport as well. The P2P (peer-to-peer) technology is the backbone of the live cricket streaming infrastructure of LiveTV. This gives us the option of being able to streams of intermediate as well as premium quality with no cap on the maximum number of users. A forum for interacting with fans from different parts of the world is an added feature to draw fans to the website. This feature is crucial as the real-time match discussions are another way of keeping fans hooked onto your website apart from their streaming needs. A Sopcast player is needed to view the streams on this website. This is absolutely free for download .One can also download the free Puffin browser which supports this website's streaming without needing to download anything else to view your favourite cricket matches. The cricket links appear on the website approximately 30 minutes before the start of the live matches. The one shortcoming of this website is its otherwise dormant nature on non-match days. For a website looking to carve a niche in the live streaming segment, involvement of cricket lovers at all times is necessary to drive more traffic to your website. Also, it is a heavy page in terms of the time taken to load the web pages eventhough the design is more of a no-frills no-nonsense type. The stalwarts in the still growing cricket streaming industry continuously find ways to sustain the high traffic even on non-match days. will need to keep that in mind. This website is probably for days when your usual streams don't work as well or when you don't have access to any of the premier websites or apps discussed above.

The underdog champion of cricket streaming live!

This Pakistan based website is a bold attempt at hosting the streaming of live cricket matches. It hosts multiple cricket streaming links for free to allow you to enjoy your cricket wherever you are. The quality of the stream can be an issue sometimes as the blurring takes away the fun when you are in the middle of watching an important phase in the game. The annoying pops and adverts which can give one a hard time are all there. This is something that the website's developers need to work on to give the users a seamless experience. A cue could be taken from PTCL's cricket streaming app Smart TV talked about earlier. An attempt has been made to increase the site's interaction with the fans by opening up their portal for contributions of videos and articles from the users. The website claims that if a minimum of 5 articles from a user getting a good following would honour the user with the featured writer tag. Also, a monetary compensation would be dispatched to the featured writer. This is indeed a novel attempt to rein in more fans and their opinions about the game. With that said, it is important that the back-end team work on the design and streamline the streaming experience to make sure they come back for more !

Ditto TV

A mobile cricket lover's delight!

With over 10,000 hours of streaming content spread across 105 channels, Ditto TV is a robust network and a must visit for all your streaming needs. This application was launched in February 2012 by the digital offspring of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEE) which goes by the name Zee New Media. Its mobile application is slick and smooth and is available on iOS, Android and Windows. The cricket channels TEN Cricket (streaming of International matches other than IPL) and SET MAX (IPL streaming) can be accessed through the streaming service of Ditto TV. This Indian entity is available for use in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia , New Zealand and Pakistan apart from India. The fairly good quality of the live cricket streaming is drawing users to it thick and fast. While a few channels are free for viewing, few purchases might have to be made to access all the channels this application offers. The multi-currency payment option is an added layer of comfort to serve customers from different backgrounds and nationalities. An easy looking programming guide informing one of the streaming schedule, an algorithm that recommends content based on one's viewing habits and a classy interface all bundle up to give the user a pleasant experience while watching their favourite contests. A free cash-on-delivery facility is another facility added to put users at absolute ease with the website.

Singtel TV

The unheralded stalwart of live cricket streaming!

This offering from Singapore Telecom caters to users around the world with the IPTV technology being their backbone. With more than 425,000 users currently in their fold, Singtel is a force to be reckoned as a streaming powerhouse. Their integrated technology and the on-demand services delivered as a bundle along with the other features is the primary business model of this website. They relay all the major cricket channels such as Star Sports, Star Cricket, Ten Cricket, Sky Sports etc. with a state of the art technology powering their broadcasts. They also have iOS and Android mobile applications for users wanting the comfort of watching their favourite matches anywhere and anytime. Though this is not a free service, this application supports great picture quality (High definition and nothing less). Getting hold of a good internet service provider is all that one needs to do to enjoy seamless content live on your gadgets.


How can I watch cricket on my Iphone, Android or Windows phone?

Answer - Some of the applications and websites discussed above are absolutely free. You just need to create an account by putting in your details or using a social media login facility to enjoy the live cricket streaming. Nevertheless, certain websites and mobile applications need to be subscribed to by paying varying amounts depending upon type of service and location. The one thing you will need to keep handy always is access to a good internet service provider. Because whatever the website or the application is, a good internet speed will ensure you get seamless content delivered to your gadgets. Also, for downloading the mobile applications you need to have an Apple ID (for iOS), Google play account (Android) or a Windows Live account (Windows phone).

Is it legal to watch free cricket live streams?

Answer - Yes it is legal to watch free cricket live streams wherever and whenever available. All that really matters is that the streaming service you are using must have a facility for supporting free or paid streaming. And then you are good to go!

Are these cricket live streams free?

Answer - As discussed above in the list of top websites supporting live cricket streaming, some of them are free while several others need to be paid for. Some services have bundled packages having both free and paid services. Star Sports supports free cricket streaming in the locations mentioned above while Singtel TV GO app needs to be paid for in order to use their services. Ditto TV, on the other hand, has a few free channels and others which need to be paid for depending on your requirements.


This list we have compiled for you is just a condensed look at the resources available on the web to watch free live cricket streaming HD or otherwise. Some of these websites have garnered a huge following due to their amazing content and quality. A lot of them are still developing and are fixing the snags and issues on a continuous basis. Overall, it is a win-win situation for the cricket lovers and fans as the competition among service providers ensures we get the best quality which keeps getting better and better. The best part of the situation is that there is no dearth of options for the fans as they can pick and choose from a big pool of streaming services. All that matters is the availability of content providers depending on where one is based at across the globe. And faster internet speeds are paving the way for better quality of streams coming through on your favourite devices. So the next time you are sitting on a train on the way to Amsterdam thinking of watching the brilliant hundred Corey Anderson smashed a couple of years back, pull out your phone and tune into Star Sports' favoured streaming service and revisit the brilliant knock Anderson entertained us with back then!